"Closeness to a horse never comes from the desire for closeness.  Closeness to a horse only comes from a closeness to one's inner self" ....Klaus Ferdinand Hempling

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I believe in a TEAM approach to working with the horse. Horses are born athletes.  But, to bring out the best in a horse you need a team of trained "specialists" if a horse is to become a true athlete.  You have the owner, the trainers for both horse and rider, the veterinarian, the farrier, the nutritionist, the equine dentist, the saddle maker and then there are the body workers. 

 The specialists in this group can include chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists and energy workers.  This is the category Equine Sports Therapies falls under. Each of us plays an integral part in helping you create the athlete of your dreams.

I have blended my training over the past 25 years into my own style, creating what I call  "The Mind-Body-Spirit Method of Integrated Bodywork", focusing on the three key components of the horse: The Body, The Mind and The Spirit.  The health of each one directly affects the others. My approach differs from some in that rather than working "on" the horse, I prefer to work "with" the horse in a relaxed state.  This enables the horse to be participatory in its healing process and me to get under its "flight-fright" response mechanism.  

Like us, each horse is different and responds in its own unique way to whatever the technique is being used on it. For instance, I've applied Reiki and Jin Shin Jytsu (energy healing modalities thought  by some to be "outside the box") to some horses achieving phenomenal results whereas other horses have found the energy too strong and a bit uncomfortable.  Being able to source from many different healing  modalities gives me the ability to customize each session tailoring it to the individual horse and what its body, mind and spirit need in order for it to come back into a state of balance.  There's no such thing as "one size fits all" within my whole body approach.  The ability to read the subtle signs that the horse is telling me is crucial in the work that I do.  

Many of the horses that come to me are emotional "train wrecks" and have suffered various forms of abuse; either emotionally, physically and spiritually or a combination of all three. I have found the use of aromatherapy an incredible tool for releasing the energetic signature held on a cellular level within the horse's memory.

When working with a new horse, I like to get as much information as possible from its " TEAM"  before we meet.  In most cases, I am contacted directly by the owner.   This gives me a chance to prepare and consider which techniques I may or may not want to use for our first session. In many cases what might seem like an "insignificant habit or quirk" to the owner can be extremely significant and helpful in determining the underlying cause of a particular behavioral issue.

Weather and housing conditions permitting,  I like to take a digital thermal imaging scan of the horse as part of my initial evaluation.  A scan will quickly give me a baseline as to how the horse is currently using its body. Often times the reason for the horse assuming an asymmetrical posture can be the result of long term use of ill fitting tack, unbalanced hooves and/or an unbalanced rider or combination of all of these, which can be detected through the use of thermal imaging.  All of this information is extremely valuable to help the "TEAM" that works with the horse so it can maintain optimum health and performance.  

"If a horse is to achieve its optimum potential as an equine athlete the Body, Mind and Spirit must be in balance.This balance cannot be achieved until the body is free of pain."

   Deborah Crane   *    CESMT & Reiki Master  

Certified Gua Sha Practitioner

Photo is of a client's horse enjoying the release benefits of what I call

Photo: "Blue" owned by Theresa Mcmanus of Keymon Farm, Dillwyn, VA.  This horse is releasing tension in right hind sacral lumbar area and the diagonal left front in a pose  that I refer to as "horse yoga".




A healthy body requires harmony and balance between its internal and external Chi. The equine specific techniques I use enable me to treat the horse on all energetic levels held within the Body, Mind and Spirit. They are designed to enhance the healing process and compliment traditional veterinarian medicine.  Equine Sports Therapies is not intended to replace or be a substitute for veterinary evaluation, consultation or to diagnose a medical condition. I do not provide medical diagnosis nor do I prescribe medications. 

When the horse is energetically in balance, it's body is able to heal and repair itself.  My goal is to help the horse perform to its optimum athletic ability.   By helping the horse to eliminate old emotional and spiritual wounds (which are typically manifested on the physical level), the horse is able to re-balance and perform to its optimum athletic ability without being in a state of constant stress. 

The Mind-Body-Spirit Method of Integrated Body work has shown to improve bio-mechanics, increases performance, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and relax muscle spasms.   

 Deb Crane has training in the following wellness modalities:

Equine Sports Massage      

Myofascial Release  

Digital Thermal Imaging


Tuning the Human BioField   

Chakra Balancing     

Animal Communication  

The Masterson Method of Integrated Bodywork for Performance Horses

Reiki: Master Level Practitioner         

Infrasonic  Therapy       

Bio Sonic Re-patterning           

Tong Ren     

Magnified Healing 

Essential Oil Aromatherapy 

Equine Acupressure

Tai Herbal Steam Balls

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Equine Somatics  

Gua Sha Face & Neck Rejuvenation

Because every Horse needs a voice....

I strongly recommend to all riders, judges, trainers, care givers, equine advocates, anyone involved with horses in any capacity regardless of your level of experience that you read Dr. Gerd Heuschmann's  book, "Tug of War: Classical versus "Modern" Dressage - Why Classical Training Works and How Incorrect "Modern" Riding Negatively Affects Horses' Health".  And make a point to watch his DVD: IF HORSES COULD SPEAK - How incorrect "modern" riding negatively affects horses' health.

I guarantee that you will never look at your horse or any horse the same way ever again!

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