Is your horse performing to it's optimum athletic ability?  Does he or she show signs of aches and pains? Does he exhibit behavior indicative of stress? Not Sure? Well, read on....


Recognized by healers and ancient cultures, the balance of energy in the body on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels is necessary if man is to function harmoniously in a state of wellness.  When any aspect is out of balance due to stress or injury, our bodies begin to function in a state of dis-ease.  If the state of dis-ease is prolonged, we set the stage for cellular breakdown and disease. The same is true in the animal kingdom.

Equine Sports Therapies was founded to enhance the overall health and psychological well-being of the horse. When the horse's physical, emotional and spiritual energies are in balance it is able to perform to the peak of its athletic ability while maintaining a state of wellness.  

Deborah's "Mind-Body-Spirit Method" draws upon an array of techniques that are specifically designed to promote and enhance the development of the equine athlete.  Each horse is individually evaluated to provide a base line before treatment.   Once an assessment is made, Deborah  may use any one or combination of healing techniques she's been trained in that she feels will help to bring the horse into a state of balance.  When Deborah works with the horse, her watch comes off.  The horse tells her what is working and what's not.  Often times she will stop in the middle of a session to let the horse do what she calls "process' for a few minutes before proceeding.  Again, it's all about listening and reading the subtle signs that the horse is giving her while it's being treated.  The average session will run about a hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. 

Deborah has training in the following: 

The Masterson Method of Integrated Bodywork for The Performance Horse, Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Equine Digital Thermal Imaging, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy,  Magnified Healing Teacher Level, T-Touch,  Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki -Master Level , Tong Ren, Myofascial Release, InfrasonicTherapy, Massage using Tai Herbal Balls, Aromatherapy, Magnified Healing, Bio-sonic Re-patterning, Equine Somatics, Sound Balancing of the Human Biofield and Animal Communication.

Deborah completed her Advanced Phase I training in The Masterson Method of Integrated Bodywork training with Jim Masterson at his Five-day clinic in Indiana in 2011. Her Animal Communication training was with Penelope Smith, noted authority and the leading pioneer in Animal Communication. Her Equine Acupressure training was with The Tallgrass Institute. Her Digital Thermal Imaging training was at Vetel Diagnostics in CA in 2003 studying with Dr. Jim Waldsmith,DVM & Dr. Tracy Turner, DVM.  Her T-Touch (T.E.A.M.) training was with Linda Tellington-Jones.

Her Sound Balancing training was with Eileen McKusick, founder and developer of Sound Balancing The Human Biofield. 




"My goal when working with a horse is to help bring the horse into balance  emotionally, physically and spiritually so that it can allow its' body to heal itself".

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