Intuitive Integrated Bodywork for Humans

To compliment the work that I do with the horses, I now offer a holistic approach to balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit of the human. The body intuitively knows what it needs to heal and balance itself.  I've found that by combining Reiki, Quantum Touch, sound tuning and aromatherapy I am able to balance the Chakra Centers in the body and address long-standing emotional issues held in a person's energy field.  When our energy centers are all open and functioning properly, our body is able to function in a balanced and harmonious state allowing tension patterns to dissipate. 

The health of our Chakras, or energy centers, not only effect our health but they have a direct impact on the well being of our horse and those around us.  When we come into our horse's energy field, be it standing near them or when we get on their backs, we transfer everything that is going on in our bodies into theirs. This transfer of energy can sometimes be very confusing to a horse, especially if we're holding tension or anger in our body. 

My system of "Mind-Body-Spirit Integrated Bodywork" takes into consideration all aspects (physical and energetic) of the horse and the rider.  When a rider sits on a horse, it transfers everything that is going on in its body ( physically, emotionally and spiritually) into that horse and viceversa.  That is why I feel it is so important to have both the rider and the horse in a balanced state. 

Horses are our mirrors.  The way a rider stands and carries themselves (whether they be on and off a horse), gives me a good indication of what I can expect to find going on in the horse's body.  Most of us have some degree of crookedness to our body as do most horses.  This can be the result of a birth defect, compensating for an old injury or structural misalignment.  Or, just holding stress in an area of our body for a long period of time. I've found that many people who have desk jobs hold tension between their shoulder blades or have lower back pain from sitting for long periods of time.  All of which affects our posture and how we  move (or don't move) our body. 

Crookedness in a horse affects the rider as crookedness in the rider affects the bio-mechanics of the horse.  It is not uncommon for a rider to get a sore back after riding a horse with a sore back.  And conversely, if the rider has a sore back, the horse's back will become sore after compensating its body to carrying an unbalanced load. 

A typical session for a human (rider or non-rider) will about one hour. The cost for an Intuitive Integrated body session is $50.00. Sessions are available either at my home studio at 32 Providence Road in Brooklyn, CT or, at Westview Health and Rehabilitation in Dayville, CT on Friday's 11 am until 7 pm.  To accommodate people's busy schedules. daytime and evening sessions are available.  All sessions are by appointment only. 

To schedule an appointment call: 860-774-8027.  Evening appointments are available.  

            "When the rider and horse are both in balance their bodies are able to become one as they dance."