Business Expansion: Over the years I have been asked to provide various services to dogs of all breeds and to exotic animals in captivity (zoos and at aquariums).  As a result of these requests, I created Canine Sports Therapies and All God's Creatures Wellness Therapies.  I hope you're as excited as I am and encourage you to read about these two new developments in the tabs above.  Additionally, I've gone back to working on people offering Intuitive Integrated Bodywork.  Below, I've outlined what this is and what it entails.  I hope that you will be inclined to treat yourself to a session so you can start out the coming new year with focus and clarity.    

 All God's Creatures Wellness Therapies:

Under the umbrella of All God's Creatures Wellness Therapies I am excited to introduce the expansion of my bodywork to working with cats, shelter animals, birds, exotic pets and animals in zoos and aquariums. AGCWT's therapies are designed to work on the energetic levels of the animals without producing any side effects and to compliment traditional veterinarian medicine. And, I've specifically selected these therapies because they work so well on animals that may not be comfortable with the more conventional types of bodywork or being touched.  For more in depth information please go to the AGCWT's tab above.

 Canine Sports Therapies:

The therapies used when working with the Working, Sporting and Service dogs are specifically designed to enhance performance and the overall health and psychological well being of these athletes. For more in depth information please go to the CST's tab above.

Intuitive Integrated Bodywork:

 Stress effects all of us on all levels. This form of body work that I've developed offers a holistic approach to balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit. The body intuitively knows what it needs to heal and balance itself. During the course of a session I use several different healing techniqes pending on what's going on in the individual being worked on.  I typically combine Reiki with sound balancing using different types of tuning forks and aromatherapy (therapeutic grade essential oils) free up blockages in one's energy field. These blockages are basically electrical charges that are attached to a memory.  Tuning forks act like a magnet and the "charges" like iron filings.  It's  not uncommon to have areas in our field where we have a "charge", where we get emotional when someone brings up an old memory or pushes one of our "buttons" causing us to well up with emotion.  Hooking onto these charges with the tuning forks and returning them to the appropriate chakra center allows the charge to be released from it's frozen state and returned for circulation back into the body.  Once the charge is back in the chakra, it can be properly assimilated. When our energy centers, Chakras,  are all open and working properly, our body is able to function in a balanced and harmonious state allowing tension patterns to dissipate. Most of my clients experience deep relaxation, a new sense of mental clarity and focus at the end of a session.

Each session is approximately 1-1 1/2 hours and includes Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy, Chakra and Sound Balancing. I recommend that you wear comfortable, loose clothing.  All sessions are by appointment only.  Evening sessions are available.  Here's what some clients are saying:

".... this experience opened new insights into the inner me enabling me to understand the whole me!" Gail H - Brooklyn, CT

"....I myself am Master Level Reiki and when I need someone to work on me and my animals, Deb is the person." Lynn S - West Greenwich, RI

".... Deb is the healer that healers go to when they need to be healed."  Lynette D - Clinton AK