Over the past 23 years I have acquired certifications in:

Equine Sports Massage

The John Barnes’ Method of Equine Myofascial Release  

Equine Applications of Digital Thermal Imaging

Reiki Master Level- (Usui Method)

Magnified Healing Master – Teacher Level

T-Touch (as taught by Linda Tellington-Jones)

Tong Ren Healing

Equine Applications of Digital Thermal Imaging

2017  Gua Sha Face & Neck Rejuvenation training- Certified by Nefeli Institute as a Practitioner. 

2015  Continuation of Medicine Wheel Training, Sound Balancing of the Human Biofield (Biofield Tuning) with Eileen McKusick.

2014 Guest speaker and demonstrator at  The 2014 Hanovarian Mare & Foal Inspection, held at Brookside Equestrian Center in North Smithfield, RI. 

2013 Equine & Canine Hanna Somatics; Jin Shin Jyutsu training; Medicine Wheel Training as taught by the Four Winds Society ( South & West Directions)

2012  Provided imaging for a Digital Thermal Imaging Study of new hoof packing products for W.F. Young, Inc.

2011 Equine Acupressure—Training with Tallgrass Institute

2010 Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork - Advanced Training Level I - trained with Jim Masterson

2009  Mark Barnes Equine Myofascial Release Level I Certification; Tong Ren Healing Training

2008  Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT) Certification: training with Equissage New England/NY; Reiki Master Certification;

            Magnified Healing Master /Teacher Certification

2007  Communicating with All Species - training with Penelope Smith

2005 & 2006  Reiki Level II & III Certifications; UConn Equine Symposium Guest Speaker /Demonstrator: At the 2006 symposium, I organized and participated in a saddle fitting demonstration which was a combined effort working with Kurt Hanks, President and Master Saddle Maker of Smith Worthington Saddlery and Dr. Aimee Eggelston, of Eggleston Equine, LLC.

2004  Reiki Level I certification; Equine Applications of Digital Thermal Imaging Certification: Trained at Vetel Diagnostics, San Luis Obispo, CA with DVM’s Jim Waldsmith, Tracy Tuner and Natanya Nieman; American Hanovarian Society Inspection – Guest Speaker; American Rhinelander Society – Guest Speaker; American Warmblood Society – Guest Speaker

2001  Gave an "Infrasound Therapy for Horses" Clinic at Blue Water Equestrian Center, RI

2000  RI Director for The American Warmblood Society: 3 year term

1999  Orchestrated clinic for NEDA Breed Show Director

1993  Level I T.E.A.M. Practitioner - training under Linda Tellington-Jones; PA Director for The American Warmblood Society; Orchestrated the first Pennsylvania AWS Inspection; Owned / operated 12 stall boarding / breeding facility breeding Warmblood crosses.