I believe that Ms Crane is a gifted healer and is able to understand and interpret the subtle yet significant communications of physical and psychological distress of the animals she is called to heal.  Her quiet and confident demeanor, her dedication to healing, her incredible natural communication skills with animals along with her expertise in several healing modalities, is God's gift to animals and to the people who love them.                                                                                       Mary Elizabeth Horan, Owner- El Encanto Andaluz, Lexington, Ky

              I've known Deb for well over twenty years on both a professional and personal level. Her earnest level of empathy and compassion for others is a true gift: both for the animals and humans.  She backs this up with years of training and workshops in regards to a variety of modalities which are all geared toward wellness of mind, body and spirit. She is generous with her time and energy. I myself am Master level Reiki; and, when I need someone to work on me and my animals, Deb is the person I go to.  My horses and dogs adore her and both love and benefit from all she offers them.  

Lynn Smiley , MBA, USDF Bronze Medal & Owner - Brass Ring Farm, West Greenwich, RI 

                 I highly recommend Deb Crane and Equine Sports Therapies to anyone trying to gain a better understanding of their horse and make them more comfortable regardless of their athletic discipline.  Deb is not only experienced around horses, but she takes the time to listen to the owner before she begins working her "magic".  Her ability to interact with horse and owner and resolve long standing issues and injuries is really what sets her apart from other equine specialists.  She is obviously concerned with the horses' complete well being and comfort  not just one area of their health, making her an invaluable asset to any horse and rider.  I believe in the current economy using holistic health care in conjunction with traditional medicine is practical and valuable, making Equine Sports Therapies an invaluable asset to horse owners.   

 Anne Collins Owner/Trainer, Mountain View Farm, Hamden, MA

                I am writing to recommend Ms. Deborah Crane and her skills with Thermal Imaging Technology as a non-invasive and low stress diagnostic tool.  Ms. Crane has assisted me with several cases of obscure lameness and saddle fitting problems by pinpointing subtle areas of inflammation.  She is an experienced horsewoman, is comfortable around horses and puts them at ease.  Ms. Crane is very professional, she describes her findings but leaves the diagnosis to the veterinarian.   I have been very satisfied with the service she provides. I have been very satisfied with the service she provides. She is well liked by my clients and the Thermal Imaging reports she provides have been very helpful in diagnosing difficult cases.  I hope you will consider utilizing her expertise also.                                                                                                                                                                         Alice V. Ennis, DVM, B-C Large Animal Clinic, LLC, Canterbury, CT

Intuitive Integrated Bodywork- Testimonials

People today are being bombarded by social media every which way they turn.  It seems to be almost impossible to turn on any electronic media device without hearing, reading or seeing something horrific going on in our world.  This sort of negative resonance coming from our electronic devices has a real impact on one's health.  Dr's are becoming more aware of the harmful effects that these emissions are having on the human body.  Our day-to-day lives seem to be on "turbo-speed", filled with stress where ever we look.  People are realizing that now, more than ever it is imperative to make some quiet time for one's self in order to de-stress if one is to be healthy.  Health, however is more than just the physical; it includes the Mind & the Spirit. It is all about balance.  That's the "key".....balance! Health in nature is a balance between the Body, Mind & Spirit of a being.  Here's what one of my Intuitive Integrated Bodywork clients has to say:

          I recently had the opportunity to experience a never before event that gifted me with knowledge, understanding and direction.  NO, it was not drugs or alcohol. I had booked a session with Deb Crane, a Reiki Master.  It was a Reiki session combined with Aromatherapy, Biofield Balancing and Chakra balancing. I'd never had any bodywork ever done, let alone "energy" work and had no idea what to expect.  The session wasn't scary or painful in any capacity, but enlightening and informative.  The experience opened new insights into the inner me enabling "ME" to understand the whole "ME"! I would strongly recommend Deb's healing services to all. .....Gail Harrington, Brooklyn, CT