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Miss Alley

Alley was a beautiful Thoroughbred Mare that had suffered horrible abuse.  She'd been shut in a dark stall for over a year without any contact with the world, other than being given minimal food.  As a result of this horrific experience she was very claustrophobic.  After her rescue, it had taken several years for her to even walk into a three sided shelter to protect herself from the elements.  Since I needed her to participate in what I was about to do, I opted to work on her in a stall that had a dutch door that opened to her paddock and field where she could still see her herd.

I kept the top half of the door open during most of our session until the chilling winds began blowing so fiercely, the deep bedding began flying all over the stall.  When I shut the top door, she immediately began to panic, putting her nose in the far corner of the stall weaving back and forth as if in a semi-catatonic trance.  I let her weave for several minutes so that she would understand that what ever she had to do to be comfortable I was okay with.  After several minutes of weaving, she stopped and turned to me with a curious look on her face.  I'd just opened the essential oil, "Sara" which is helpful when working with abuse, either emotional or physical .  I was kneeling in the corner of the stall and without coaxing she immediately came over to me and began to deeply inhail the aroma from her right nostril. 

This was an indication to me that she was releasing physical abuse issues with this oil.  Next, I tried "Yarrow' on her, also for abuse. She showed me that she needed this aroma to help her release emotional trauma by inhaling it from her left nostril.  I also let her try "Release" to help her with any anger issues that she needed to let go of.  It was no surprise that she inhaled equally from both the left and right nostrils indicating she was trying to release anger on both the emotional and physical level.

I was truly blessed while working with "Miss Alley" to have a guest of Susan's and Karen's offer to join me during this session. Her name is Leslie Davis and she lives in England. Leslie works in the medical field as an Healer and Hospital Administrator.  In her free time she volunteers at an Equine Rescue Facility in Sussex, England giving healing sessions to horses. I thought "Miss Alley" might enjoy a "group healing" with both of us working on her. Not too unlike what you might experience if one was to attend a Reiki Share Session.  We weren't sure how " Miss Alley" would respond to the two different energies coming from us flowing into her body. So, I asked "Miss Alley" if she was okay with this and she said she was a bit skeptical, however, she was comfortable with both of us by this time. 

Leslie and I began our hands on healing working in tandem.  One of us was at her front and the other at her hind.  "Miss Alley" immediately settled into the different energies flowing through her body and started to go into a deep state of relaxation.  After about 45 mins we decided that she had all she could handle for a first treatment and gently ended our session. 

I expected her to bolt out of the stall when we opened the doors.  However, she allowed me to calmly walk her out into the paddock and remove her halter.  Once I removed her halter, she turned and looked back at Leslie and I with a softened eye as if to say "thank you".

When her pasture mates saw her, they whinnied. She broke into the most magnificent extended trot as if she'd been training for an upper level dressage test, prancing around her herd saying "Look at me everyone! I feel great!"  When she stopped showing off, she looked back over her shoulder at me with a final goodbye.  Sadly I knew my time with her had come to an end. I shed many tears during my session with her as I watched her weave back and forth.  I couldn't fathom the angst she had to be feeling as she struggled to release the pent up memories stored in her psyche and the torture she'd endured before Susan had found her.

"Miss Alley" was the last horse I was able to work on before my departure that day.  I said my goodbyes to my new friends, and left the compound to return home to Connecticut. As I drove through "Safe Home's" front gate, I had a hard time looking back.  My few days at their sanctuary had been a life changing experience.  Tears welled up in my eyes making it difficult to see the road.

On the drive home, I reflected back on the many horses I'd worked on and how different each one was and how unique each story was that they had to tell. As I looked into each horse's eyes, I saw their stories embedded in their souls.  The fact that they would even let a human being near them after the trauma they'd experienced as a result of human contact was unfathomable.  The gentle, forgiving nature that was clearly demonstrated by each horse haunted me as I tried to understand how anyone could ignore, misuse, torture and disrespect the essence of these magnificent creatures.  I was truly horrified to see the branding on the PMU mares bodies; it was like looking at survivors of the Holocost; branded for life. They will wear their badge of courage and survival for all to see until they take their last breathe. It was days before I could language what I had experienced. 

Several days after I'd returned I called Susan to check on "Miss Elinor" and to see how everyone was doing. Susan shared with me that for the first time since "Miss Alley's" arrival at the Sanctuary, the staff observered she was laying down in the field relaxing in the sun.  I was so happy for her that finally she was able to unwind and find a few moments of peace without all her "history" keeping her wound up in knots. 

What I do is quite often emotionally difficult; but the healing and gratitude that the horses give me in return is immeasurable.  The horse is not here for humans to do with as they please.  We should be humbled in their presence and remember that our time with them is a priviledge and honor. They give their heart and soul to us; something we should not take for granted.

                                                                                                                          Photo Below: "Miss Alley" having her Chakras checked using a pendulum.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Phote Credit: Leslie Davis, UK

 Photo above: "Miss Alley" taking in Essential Oil Aromatherapy; Photo Credit: Leslie Davis, UK


         The primary gift that horses have to offer humans is the art of being present.

Whether introverted or extroverted, horses are completely present in the moment and,

through their body language, express exactly what they are experiencing."

Kathy Pike, from "The Heart of THe Horse"



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